An E-Learning System for GMDSS

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

Put simply, E-GMDSS is the quickest and simplest route to learning and understanding marine GMDSS communications. It is essential for both professional and amateur sailors to be proficient in the use and operation of emergency equipment no matter the type of vessel.

With E-GMDSS all sailors are able to improve their safety at sea with our online Short Range Certificate (SRC) training course. Through the application of online simulators and professionally produced tests the user is able to learn about the GMDSS VHF radio, the NAVTEX receiver, SART and EPIRB.

All E-GMDSS online courses are available free at www.egmdss.com, and will allow you to practice for your SRC licence or simply refresh your knowledge before going to sea.

It should be noted that the provision of vocational education and continuing vocational training for the SRC is mandatory for seafarers operating vessels of up to 300 GRT within 30 NM from coast.

The projects’ target group is the 2 million seafarers in EU that are either starting their nautical training or have to refresh their knowledge and skills at least once a year. Seafarers can be both amateurs and professionals. The knowledge required for the SRC can be obtained through either self-training, nautical education institutions or internal training conducted at larger marine companies. To obtain the SRC award, a candidate must be able to competently operate four different GMDSS communication devices which are VHF DSC, NAVTEX, EPIRB and SART. These devices are only used for emergencies at sea which occur rarely. Therefore, the knowledge of operation of these devices tends to fade over time and should be regularly refreshed to ensure safety of crew, passengers and freight, even though this is not a legal requirement.

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