Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Besides its perfect structure and benefits, the whole system has never ceased being changed considerably with respect to the demands since the technology and modernisation issues are arisen frequently. The aim of this research is to gain a deeper understanding on the updates and an overview of the systems benefited for the purpose of safe navigation within global coverage.

The main focus is to be on global navigation systems. With that regard, the Global Positioning System (GPS) having a crucial role in many areas such as Emergency Services, Vehicle Tracking, Aviation, Agriculture, Geographic Information System (GIS), Data Collecting, Military Services, Maritime Industry, Vehicle Navigation, Recreation is, for instance, one of the elements through which the technology seems to have a huge influence upon. Since the GPS is has gradually been modernised with the current technology, it is aimed to find out and evaluate the current status and future progress of the GPS system referencing to the prevailing circumstances and conditions.

This work identifies the systems involved however; the main thrust is not just the description but also particularly stressing on a few other elements such as the current systems’ status, the key players’ roles and organisations, the latest technological issues, the underpinning financial and political rationale for the systems, the latest political, technical and financial issues, identification and analysis of any future issues and possible solutions.


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