Practical Navigation Handbook

Safe navigation is well known to be the most essential duty of a navigator. A navigator might most likely meet various issues related to navigation. Considering the workload on board ship, research shows that it has been quite uneasy to investigate concerns related to navigation through a typical book of navigation which usually covers the subjects in hundreds of pages along with numerous nautical tables. For instance, the threads related to navigation such as gyro compass adjustment, fixing and verification of the position, calculation of the great circle sailing etc. should certainly be solved quickly enough without interfering with the duties essential for the safe navigation.

In order to facilitate such calculations aforementioned, there seems a necessity to have a handbook basically covering the main tasks required of the navigator. Upon the analysis of those tasks and calculations, it may easily be realised that a navigator needs some basic formulas, challenging to follow as illustrated in typical books through sophisticated format, and examples of which may not commonly be adjusted to the prevailing circumstances and conditions. There seem to exist many studies to customise a practical navigation booklet required to promote such idea, yet the context of those even vary between a few hundred pages to say the least.

Consequently, it has hereby been studied to create a practical navigation handbook comprising the essential elements of navigation in an easily adaptable format for a navigator. To a further extent, this booklet is supposed to involve terms and definitions with respect to navigation. As an essential resource, given that it is meant to be commonplace to reference to as well as read and carry, this booklet covers brief explanations, fundamental calculations and formulas followed by the examples available to adapt into the existing conditions of navigation.


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