Strategic Impact of 3D Printing on Logistics

Strategic Impacts of 3D Printing on Supply Chain Framework and Logistics Services

The aim of this report is to gain a deeper understanding in 3D Printing (3DP), process of which is known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), its development status and distinction between the systems such as Rapid Prototyping. Since the system of 3D Printing is still in the process of evolvement, it is intended to research into the progress, hence analyse the impact on supply chain framework and logistics services whilst reviewing the benefits and risks of the Additive Manufacturing and the dynamics of the whole system.

The supply chain framework is constantly changing with the involvement of value-adding services. These services are the ones that define the brand of a firm and how it tends to develop amongst its competitors. They are essential, for they promote the logistics services to a higher level and maintain the supply chain efficiency from a supplier to a client. The improvement in terms of technology has already made a huge impact on the provision of these services and most companies have perceived the fact that their reputation will likely diminish unless the facilities they possess are adapted to the current market conditions under the influence of technological evolution.

On the other hand, a case study on a German logistics company, is additionally reviewed given their adaptation of the strategy of additive manufacturing and what sort of systems they developed to supplement their supply chain and logistics services. The influence of additive manufacturing is studied in order to identify strategic impacts that enhanced the company’s supply chain management and logistics services. Finally, the economies of scale is discussed with reference to previous research and the current state of 3D Printing technology in the industry of logistics and supply chain is evaluated.


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