Train Merchant Navy Cadets for Certificate of Competency

This project has enabled improved safety at sea through a mobility programme involving the transfer of a number of cadets from TUDEV in Turkey to Glasgow College of Nautical Studies (GCNS) in Scotland, on a pilot basis. The project is implemented in three different phases (2007 – 16 cadets; 2010 – 10 cadets; 2012 – 5 cadets) including a study period of 14 weeks.

The authorities in Scotland (and other countries in the EU) do not accept several ancillary (safety) courses taken by the cadets in Turkey as they would wish to be assured that the standard of education and training in Turkey is the same as those in Scotland. Scotland has supported Turkey to revise its merchant navy officer programmes and train its staff through an existing Leonardo Pilot programme (Safety On Sea – SOS). GCNS has also assisted TUDEV to plan in detail the arrangements for making this proposal a workable programme of work. The intention is to develop other proposals to transfer cadets within the partnership and extend the partnership in the near future.

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