As we journey through the animal kingdom, we uncover fascinating facts and stories.

Indeed! From the depths of the ocean to the vastness of the forests. Some animals roar, some bring joy. Some fly high, some crawl low; some live in water, some on land…

Farm Animals

I give milk for you! Drink up and grow big and strong like me!

I give wool to keep you warm! Feel how soft and cozy it is!

I love mud baths and yummy slop! Join me for some messy fun!

I lay eggs for breakfast! Try one, they’re extra delicious!

I’m a strong horse! Let’s gallop and play together!

Each has a special role and they teach us something fun about farm life.

Wild Animals

Monkeys swing in the trees, always playful and full of energy.

Elephants stomp with their feet and use their long trunks to explore.

Tigers roar through the jungle, their bodies blending into the shadows.

Owls glide silently, their keen eyes watching over the forest.

In our wild adventure, each animal brings its unique charm.

Sea Animals

Meet the dolphin, the playful swimmer! With its friendly smile, it spreads joy.

Here’s the sea turtle! With its shell and gentle nature, it swims slowly.

Watch out for the shark, the hunter! It has sharp teeth and strong fins.

Say hi to the octopus! With clever tricks and arms, it hides and hunts.

Meet the whale, the giant! With its massive size, it swims gracefully.

Explore the ocean with us! Each animal brings its own magic to the seas.


Meet the dog, our loyal friend! With its heart, it brings happiness.

Here’s the cat, our funny friend! With its cute nature, it brings warmth to our homes.

Say hello to the rabbit, our buddy! With its floppy ears, it charms us.

Listen to the bird, our little friend! With its cheerful songs, it gives us joy.

Dive into the world of fish! With their colours, they bring joy while dancing.

These are our friends, who fill our lives with love and care!

Wow, it’s fascinating to see how much you’ve learned about animals! You’ve shown such curiosity and dedication. I’m incredibly proud of each of you!

Thank you, teacher! We’re excited to learn more about the world around us!