Consistency is the Hallmark of the Unimaginative

First and foremost, it is better to acknowledge that a book has one cover, yet it might have many chapters within, to say the least. The conclusion is that to define is to limit. One of the things which he has been quite passionate about is education. It is a common fact that people nowadays know the price of everything and the value of nothing. And education is certainly of value regardless of the outcome or financial rewards. Certain personalities are attracted to certain professions. He has thereunto had the opportunity to gain proficiency and degrees in numerous areas of expertise such as Maritime Studies (Navigation and Maritime Science), Music (Music Theory and Composition; Piano), International Logistics and International Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Aviation Management, Web Design, Database Programming Languages, Chartering and Shipbroking.

Since the early stages of his life, he has been incredibly passionate about art, especially music. He started to play the piano at the age of five and has still been composing masterpieces since then and he has given numerous recitals all around and eventually managed to publish own albums on Piano.

Yet, given the nature of prevailing circumstances and conditions, his interest also slightly turned into Maritime, which is why he decided to learn and experience the nautical vita. Having accomplished degrees and numerous certificates of competency, he served on board ship as a captain for a while until such time as other opportunities arose. Working on board ship, hence the nature of such profession allowed him to travel all around the world whence he achieved to extend his network to further find out whatever might be more interesting within his diverse career. His interest has also involved web design which is why he received training on a number of technical qualifications such as HTML, PHP, CSS et cetera along with the sufficiently decent capacity of use of computer. Those by all means have provided him further eligibility to enhance computer skills in all concerned areas and fields.

He has worked as an Associate, Developer, Researcher and Consultant in several companies and institutions in order to gain experience in various sectors. Nonetheless, after a while he switched over to another type of career having successfully accomplished Masters (MSc) in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management whilst simultaneously studying Aviation Management. He is currently based in Taiwan on his way to teach Music (Theory and Composition), Piano and Violin at various stages further up to Grade 8+; English covering all levels of competency given his background in education in various fields, Algebra comprising certain levels of Mathematics and Geometry as well as various fields of Science basically featuring Physics and Chemistry at colleges and schools.

Taking responsibilities very seriously, he takes pride in being eminently organised and perfectionist, calm and determined under pressure in concerned areas of work so well as effective at motivating others referring to teamwork. Howsoever he thereunto has a high level of commitment to development and continual improvement in professional career in regard to all aspects as prescribed. Of all being said, the motto he consistently bears in mind is if you work hard and you are kind, amazing things happen. In this blog, one will find his resume and various content he might decide to reveal in all aspects of life.