E-Business and E-Commerce

Electronic Business and Electronic Commerce Supporting Logistics Systems

Information Technology (IT) has a huge impact on the world of business. With the involvement of IT systems, any process is performed even in a significantly short period of time rather than weeks or months, which directly increases the customer satisfaction. Therefore, companies are seeking to develop their strategies switching to e-business.

The initial aim of this work is to evaluate and discuss the demand for electronic commerce and electronic business by the companies in terms of logistics, supply chain and marketing purposes. The terms e-business and e-commerce seem to be confused with each other given the fact that e-commerce might be considered as a subset of e-business which is quite a generic term. Hence, e-commerce is a narrower concept compared to e-business. They have become popular and taken part in logistics and supply chain as well as marketing. Referring to products and services of all types, buying, selling and even transactions and marketing; the whole process began to be replaced by internet-based electronic marketplace, which means the market continues to grow through the development of IT systems. With the involvement of IT systems, the e-business capability of the companies is yet to be evaluated referring to process frameworks aligning structure with systems in order to effectively perform business.

Consequently, the overall goal is to achieve clarification by discussing the implementation of e-business with the integration of e-commerce in logistics after presenting a short overview, then the operational aspects of e-commerce discovering likely advantages and disadvantages for a successful implementation of e-business.


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